Steering Committee

The event was envisioned in 2004 by Dave Karnes and Steve and Amy Lindsay, who served as general chairs the first two years. We are very fortunate to have Amy Deardorff and Susan McGillick serve as general chairs for the eleventh annual event in 2016. Mike Cassling is serving as honorary chair.

A team of dedicated and energized community leaders ensure ongoing success of this event. Our committee includes:

Michon Abts

Debra Denbeck

David Karnes

Lori Kleinschmit

Sarah Kriss

Emily Lauritzen

Steve Lindsay

Kate Parker

Amie Schellpeper

Tom Thompson

Erin Murnan

Jen Bartelt

John Hakola

Kris Karnes

Dena Knobbe

Amie Kroeger

Brian Leiferman

Andy Max

Bree Peterson

Betsy Schuring

John Walker

Julie Weiss

Kate Betsworth

Annie Bird

Brenda Hermanek

Jennifer Kennedy-Croft

Randall Koski

Kaitlyn Mahoney

Kristin Lewis

Sarah McGowan

Jeff Post

Natalie Simmonds

Julianne Walsh

Tom Worthington

Michael Bird

Julia Hernandez

Nikki Kirshenbaum

Kara Krehbiel

Morgan Mahoney

Amy Lindsay

Kathleen Pallesen

Kevin Quinn

Michelle Smithberg

Laurie Webb

Shannon Lutz


Honorary Chairs

David, Korey, Kalen, Kara and Laurel Karnes

Event Founders

Steve and Amy Lindsay

Purchase Dinner Tickets, Sponsorships, Lasting Tributes & Donate Now

Purchase Dinner Tickets, Sponsorships, Lasting Tributes & Donate Now